Clash of Clans: How to Win Clan Wars

The Ultimate Clan War StrategyMy game name can be Wicked as well as I am the particular leader of your clan referred to as X-Loyal inside the highly addictive app game Clash regarding Clans developed by simply Supercell. Because Of for you to our success in Clan Wars I have got made a decision to write the how-to self-help guide to assist some other clans to be extremely productive within their personal wars as well. The Particular guide is at 4 phases with 7 actions which are simple and easy to follow.

Phase 1: Organization prior to Preparation Day

Phase 2: Preparation Day

Phase 3: X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy, Battle Day

Phase 4: Assessment, post War

Phase 1: Organization just before Preparation DayStep #1 - Discover Whom Goes To Become Active

This will be truly probably the most essential step for success within Clan Wars. Because a Leader, Co-Leader or perhaps Elder anyone must have an excellent idea of who's which within your clan. Knowing your current members will help you decide who is inactive along with that is going being away for your Clan War.

Have any system exactly where your members need to notify some of the particular leaders regarding getting away prior for the war. Since preparation day for all involving us is actually upon each and every Saturday, I usually send the clan mail mid week as well as the day before, along with some thing over the lines regarding let's know in the event you will be away pertaining to clan wars this weekend. This will demonstrate up having a push notification about each member's gaming device which they possess mail within their inbox.

Step #2 - do A Clean Up

Inactive players dont do your current clan virtually any good, yes they will make your clan look bigger however bigger does not always mean better. I would rather have a clan of 30 members using tons associated with donations than 50 members along with twenty members with no badge (which shows inactivity) and also 0 donations. Anyone as a leader have got to find out permit go in order for you to find much better and more active players to consider his or her spot.

Before I hit the actual Commence War button I ask all associated with my co-leaders as well as elders if they've concerns of someone being too inactive throughout the week or perhaps anybody stating that they would be away for that war.

Once I obtain a set of names involving players becoming away as well as inactive I begin to kick all of them out.

Here is the kick message I sort when I kick active players which are only heading to be away for short period:

And then a kick message for inactive players only:

You might find this step harsh butin fact it truly is not. An Individual wish to enter into battle with players which will use their a couple of attacks as well as not merely become another base for the enemy to become able to obtain stars from. That might pay in order to term your members prior for you to the kicking starts to end up being able to stamp out confusion. soon it's heading to become a normal procedure each and every week and nobody will possibly be concerned.

Once you've completed most of the over mentioned just take 1 final look at the clan record to examine on that you haven't missed anyone. In case you are confident... click upon START WAR!

Tip: Dont accept virtually any new members into the clan on the day you need to start any war. That is too soon to inform what that will new recruit is like and when they may well be heading to become active or even inactive or even worse case scenario be considered a hopper that will leave through the war and become dead weight. To End Up Being Able To avoid this visit edit as well as flick via invite only, any person could join until a person come over the alternative closed then press okay. This may block out any kind of players looking for to join your own clan. you are nevertheless capable of invite players back again in while the clan can be closed.

Phase 2: Preparation DayPreparation day lasts pertaining to 24 hours.

Step #3 Ensure Clan War Clan Castles receive Appropriate Donations

As soon as CoC offers discovered an individual an adversary there is always a mad rush for you to donate to everyone's clan castle about the battle map. Settle your own members down prior to preparation day through announcing to become able to everybody that people using the highest degree troops tend to be simply to donate. An Individual may also explain in which donating to clan war clan castles won't give you just about any expertise points similar to typical everyday donations, this usually refrains people from donating.

Thanks into a current update if any kind of member receives the incorrect troops they could now delete the actual troops on their own by clicking upon their particular castle about the battle map and also punching the minus button about the troops that have got been wrongly given.

What to place in your clan castles is really approximately your own members as they have got to depart the request message in what they want. My clan personally varies member to end up being able to member in between max dragons, max wizards, max witches along with max archers or perhaps max barbs as best ups. The member knows their base best so permit these people to select the items they want regarding war. Except if they need healers, wall breakers and also giants as protection then I provide anyone with permission to slap them.

Tip: Remember, clan war castles on the battle map are regarding protection just along with are not the actual troops you're taking with you to attack opponents inside clan wars, this is the one thing that the regular clan castle is for consequently make particular you request troops prior to planning to always be able to attack.

Step #4 Prepare the War Bases

Plenty regarding clans neglect having a good defensive war base. Only bear inside mind by getting a great defensive base in clan wars prevents your enemy clan from obtaining maximum stars from you to definitely add with their star total. Inside the conclusion your clan using the many stars wins right?

I could continue eternally by what constitutes a good war base using plenty regarding ideas nevertheless I believe that deserves it's own separate article. However, here are usually a couple of crucial guidelines in an excellent war base to have you started:

Town hall can be well protected and near the centre certainly not outside the walls.

Clan castle is positioned somewhere inside the center or shut towards the middle therefore it is actually harder as well as near to be able to impossible for you to lure out troops.

Gold and also elixir storages have 2016 hp contemplate surrounding the crucial centre structures along with them. That assists slow down enemy troops particularly dragons, since they tend to be shooting down the storages, the defenses are usually shooting these down.

Place traps in that the enemy is more most likely to go to inside your base. Well placed traps could probably become the difference among 0 stars for you to three stars that are obtained from you.

There tend to be lots of war bases to determine on coming from which happen to be tested and also I generally just search Youtube regarding ideas. I may actually execute a video in my own war base along the track. Beneath is surely an illustration of your very productive base throughout clan wars (War Base: David from X-Loyal).

Just a couple of hours prior to become able to the preparation day ends, leaders should be checking each and every member's base 1 more hours for any last second improvements.

Supercell's most recent update offers offered players the ability to save his or her war base. This kind of means a person not have for you to alter out involving your standard base each and every time pertaining to each along with every war. Use your edit war base button within the clan war location for you to edit the war base.

Tip: Members ought to bounce suggestions and also guidelines regarding each other regarding war bases, sharing the actual knowledge involving what functions may benefit the clan immensely.

Step #5 Go over your current Clan War Strategy using ALL your current members

Every occasion a fresh member can be recruited it will always be the job with the elders, co-leaders and leader to make positive that they know what the actual clan strategy is before battle day. Right After a while it's heading to grow to be 2nd nature in order to each and also every member and you can give focus to other things such as attacking!

I will go over X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy in the next stage as it is a entire lot more suitable because section. Nevertheless having a strategy is vital should you want to constantly get week right after week.

The ideal device in order to obtain the nearly all out of Clash of Clans

Phase 3: X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy, Battle DayBattle Day lasts for 24 hours.

Step #6 Employ X-Loyal's Clan War Strategy for a higher good results of victory!

The Strategy is easy yet effective:

First attack Attack the identical place number on the battle map as yourself.

Second attack hold 2nd attack until everyone has finished their particular initial attack. Inquire Leader as well as assigned Co-Leaders for any target. With this point the actual leaders have to research which players can finish three starring any currently 1 or perhaps two starred opponents.

Tweaks Sometimes if we run into an unfair complement we will maintain our leading players two attacks since the opponents leading bases tend to be too strong for you to obtain stars through (leaders discretion on the quantity of ought to hold but ought to be determined about how difficult the particular bases are up top). We let all associated with our bottom in order to mid ranked players use up his or her attacks then your top players cleanup pertaining to remaining stars, even when they must 3 star an already one or perhaps two starred base. We locate this a significantly better tweak against harder opponents.

Our strategy's aim is to attain maximum stars for the clan. We often observe some other clans attack advised targets yet the problem along with which is a suggested target might be the identical target pertaining to a couple of distinct players. By Simply getting assigned targets from your extremely starting it enables players to program what army they tend to be going to use against all of them for maximum success. Additionally it allows lower levels within your clan to be capable of attack an adversary which is fair with regard to their particular army degree and also experience.

Remember Battle Day lasts with regard to 24 hours, you do not have to use all your attacks in the first hour. However, I recommend lower ranges to utilize his or her attacks as quickly as anyone can therefore the top players could work out where they will ought to get their stars from pertaining to his or her second attack.

Tip:Ensure you have the correct attack troops inside your clan castle, your heroes usually tend to be not sleeping and all sorts of your current spells are usually ready prior heading within for you to attack! I've seen way too many players forget this and it could end up being the difference involving winning or losing the actual battle.

Tip: It will not make sense for the top players to be able to attack the reduced players of the opponent's facet regarding their own initial attack, let your own lower end players do that. Because the actual saying goes, pick about somebody your personal personal size!.

Tip: In case you might be means ahead near the end, allow your own players together with just about any remaining attacks, attack a high player for more loot bonus. Remember you will need the absolute minimum 1 star for you to obtain that opponent's loot bonus, so an opponent by getting an straightforward accessible town hall is ideal target to attack.

Phase 4: Publish WarHopefully when you receive to this point you have won the particular war. In the particular event that you have carried out just about all involving higher than anyone should earn 99% with the time. Clan Wars will be about team work, being organised and also getting disciplined. That comes in order to an end for the leaders to enforce this, good leaders will could lead just about any clan to become able to victory.

Step #7: Submit War Clean Up

For a few cause Clan Wars always bring out member's clash of clans hack for gems true colours so which you may assess their own personality and performance through the war. This kind of allows one to see whether that they suit the clan's standards and when they will mix well with most the rest regarding the members.

If you've player's which didn't use their attacks with regard to zero real good reason contemplate moving them on as this is actually not a new signal of the team player.

Assess every other players which acted inappropriately or perhaps didn't listen to leaders or keep in order to the clan strategy, again, not necessarily team players and actually should always be moved on.

Cleaning up unsuitable member's will benefit your clan in the long run. Remember you will find million regarding various other player's out there. Discover to allow go.

Hope an individual enjoyed scanning this short guide, if you've any other strategies which your own clan uses, feel free to go away the remark below. Hoping to your success, Clash On!

How in order to Get a Clan War GuideWatch our strategy for action with a new few motion clan war replays inside

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